The Surprising Beauty Staple Kim Steals From Kylie…

We all know the Kardashians take their beauty notes from each other – they’re sisters after all – and share the same fashion sense (sometimes), make-up tips (a lot of the time) and genetics, (of course).

But when we found out that Kim loves to borrow little sister Kylie’s key beauty staple – even we were a bit shocked, because Kim’s pretty much alway been the leader when it comes to setting trends in that family.

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kylie jenner blonde wig Kylie and Kim definitely share a love of a hair makeover…


However, in a recent interview with Maire Claire US, Kylie revealed that she might be coming to steal Kim’s crown, because her elder sister is always asking her for hair-care tips – specifically when it comes to wearing a wig.

Yep, although we knew that some of Kim’s long, wavy tresses in dark brown, black and blonde hues are actually hair pieces, what we didn’t know is that they’re straight from Kylie’s very own ‘wig guy’. 

Kim blonde wig We loved this ice-blonde wig Kim debuted earlier this year…


Who knew?

Kylie revealed: ‘I started wigs and now everyone is wearing wigs. Kim just used my wig guy last night… I just do whatever I want to do, and people will follow.’


‘People’ meaning the masses, her legions of fans – and now, her sister, apparently.

And although Kylie certainly isn’t the first woman in the world to don a hair-piece or lace-front to switch up her look, we’re wondering if Kim is going to get irked that her little sister’s let this beauty secret slip… (oops).

Kylie blue Wig
Kylie’s the queen of wigs and nailed it with this blue one

But really it doesn’t matter anyway, because you can’t deny that whether they’re wearing a wigs or going wig-less, the Kardashian sisters DEFFS have some strong hair-game.

We know they’re really itchy and hella expensive but if we can transform ourselves into total style chameleons, can someone hook us up with Kylie’s expert ‘wig guy’ please?!


By Georgina Lawton