Kylie Platt’s Funeral Didn’t Go *Quite* As Expected

We said our final goodbyes to the beloved Coronation Street character last night...

Last night’s episode of Coronation Street was another tear-jerker.

We saw Paula Lane’s character Kylie Platt being laid to rest, after friends and family said their final goodbyes to her in an emotional service. *Sob*.

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Kylie Platt funeral

Even before the programme began, fans were preparing the boxes of tissues.

Tweets included: ‘I’m about to watch Kylie’s funeral. And no. I’m not ready,’ and: ‘After the Monday I’ve had I’m not sure I’m emotionally stable enough to watch Kylie’s funeral ? #corrie [sic].’

And judging by later messages, there were quite a few cryers across the country. Aw.

Kylie Platt funeral

But there was one light-hearted moment. Instead of a traditional funeral song, it was, er, Destiny’s Child’s Bootylicious that played as Kylie’s coffin entered the church.

Fans were a little taken aback – but seemed to enjoy the upbeat tune, with one writing: ‘Omg bootylicious playing at Kylie funeral. Love it haha.’

Another said: ‘Kylie being carried into her funeral to bootylicious is the highlight of my evening probably .’

Kylie Platt was murdered by thug Clayton last month

Kylie Platt was murdered by thug Clayton last month

However, others weren’t so sure, with one comment reading: ‘Kylie‚Äôs funeral looks more like the circus has come to town than a sombre farewell to a wife and mother. .’

Hmm. Well, we think it was very Kylie. And it was her son Max who’d chosen the music, which made it all the more meaningful.

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Kylie Platt's husband David (Jack P Shepherd) found her dying on the cobbles

Kylie Platt’s husband David (Jack P Shepherd) found her dying on the cobbles

Unfortunately for the ITV soap, that wasn’t the only complaint that Tweeters had. They were also upset by the absence of Kylie’s sister Becky McDonald, who was played by Katherine Kelly until she quit the cobbles in 2012.

There was also the fact that the service appeared to be fairly intimate. One noted: ‘So didn’t kylie have any mates from school/work/growing up etc? About 15 old farts from the street at her funeral poor cow! [sic].’

Paula Lane has previously opened up about Kylie's exit

Paula Lane played Kylie Platt for six years

Another added: ‘Kylie so popular they hired a total of four extras for the funeral #corrie #poorturnout.’

Hmmm. Well, we imagine Katherine is pretty busy. And who says a funeral has to be packed full?!

Luckily, the majority of Corrie fans seemed impressed with the episode. And so were we. Ah Kylie, we’re going to miss you…