Kylie Minogue Hits Back After Those Photoshop Claims

The singer has spoken out after receiving a serious backlash on a recent snap...

When Kylie Minogue shared a post with her 1.5 million followers advertising her new calendar, little did she know she would be inundated with criticism that the photo had been ‘photoshopped’.

It would be pretty hard to argue that Kylie doesn’t look absolutely stunning, but some followers began questioning why the wall behind her looked slightly distorted…

#Lovers, you can pre-order your 2018 #KylieCalendar now! ❤️📆 (link in bio)

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‘Hey Kylie! You look great and sexy! ,😚’ one fan praised, before adding: ‘But what is wrong with the chair and the wall behind you?’

Others began accusing the singer of digitally enhancing the piture: ‘Photoshop.. what happen to the wall?’ one asked while another slammed: ‘Photoshop fail’

‘Kylie, the cover’s awful photoshop shows :/ please fix that [sic]’ one worried fan commented.

But luckily Kylie’s loyal supporters had her back as they began defending their idol.

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‘lol… people think they see a “photoshopped wall” and the “wall curves behind her butt”. Brilliant. Probably think the Earth is flat. [sic]’ one follower hit back.

Another pointed out: ‘If this were photoshop it would be a very sloppy job and no one would allow it to end up on the front of a calendar lmao’ before going on to refer to Kylie’s later post in which she cleared up the confusion: ‘As she said in the recent post the walls at the Chateau Marmont are not perfect 😂 [sic]’

Yep, Kylie took to Instagram once again to set the story straight…

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Sharing a similar snap as the previous one, Kylie explained why the wall looked distorted: ‘#lovers you have EAGLE 👀s!! I’ll ask the Chateau Marmont to straighten their walls but it’s part of the charm!! #wonkywalls However, thanks for being ON IT! [sic]’

You tell ’em, Kylie!