Er, So Apparently Kylie Minogue Has Been ‘Secretly Dating’ A Royal…

Well we definitely didn't expect to be hearing this...

Everyone’s favourite Australian pop princess, Kylie Minogue, seems to be at the centre of some pretty sensational rumours at the moment.

Yup. According to one Australian publication, there’s been reports of a ‘secret romance’ with Prince Andrew.

The youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II allegedly got in touch with the 48-year-old blonde bombshell after she called off her engagement to ex Joshua Sasse at the beginning of the year.

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse

According to Australian mag New Idea, palace sources allegedly confirmed that the pair have been ‘quietly dating’ for several weeks. Hmm.

The two have been close friends for years, the source added, saying: ‘So no-one’s surprised that their relationship has finally turned romantic.’

Wait. Does this mean Kylie Minogue will be invited to Pippa’s wedding too?!

Well, apparently, the source revealed: ‘Now all eyes will be on the guest list for Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa’s wedding, to see if Kylie will attend as a guest of the prince.’

But if the ‘no bling, no bring’ rule applies, then we might not see the Aussie singer attend, (plus the guest list must be massive already, non?)

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The source finished by saying, ‘At the moment they’re inseparable – Andrew is 100 per cent smitten.’

Spotted at Windsor Castle a few weeks ago, Kylie Minogue was invited by The Duke of Edinburgh to present the Britain-Australia Society Award for 2016.

Neither camp have confirmed or denied the bold claims, but we do love the idea of Kylie being a ‘princess’ away from her music…

Words by Lexxi Davis