Kylie And Kendall Have Close Shave At Clothing Launch

Kylie and Kendall have been busy promoting a brand new fashion line.

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Whilst on a highly anticipated trip to Australia, the famous sisters made an appearance at a Westfield shopping centre, to meet and greet fans and generally showcase their amazing style credentials. 



Kylie Jenner opted for an all white skater-style dress, complete with a playful mesh panel and plunging neckline. Her famous raven locks were worn loose and tumbling, and she accessorised with some strappy nude sandals.

Kendall showed off her incredible pins in a spotty playsuit, which cinched in at the waist and incorporated some pretty neck detailing.  

But not everything went completely to plan for the Jenner sister’s big appearance. 

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars took to the stage to take selfies (natch) and speak to the large crowds of fans that had turned out to see them.

But, in the wings, one 25-year-old woman decided to throw eggs at the stage where the Jenner’s would be appearing. According to E! News, the thrower in question has since been arrested for her actions.




Thankfully Kendall and Kylie were not on the stage at the time of the egging incident, and it seems that they may have not known of the ordeal at all. 

Kylie took to Twitter to comfort her fans, explaining that neither herself or her sister were hit by the eggs. She said: ‘Don’t you think there would of been a video of eggs being thrown or even a pic? Just saying. If it did happen we weren’t there.’

She also followed up with a message for her fans in Oz: ‘I love you guys so much and we felt the love from you guys too 🙂 Australia is one of my favourites so far x’