Kylie Jenner And Tyga Have Split (For Good)

Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Tyga have reportedly broken up. And this time, it’s ‘for good’.

We haven’t seen the 18-year-old and her rapper beau together since Coachella last month – but that’s not unusual, considering how much they both travel and their busy work commitments.

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> Kylie and Tyga had been dating for two years


Still, Kylie’s made no reference to her man in weeks, and even turned up to the MET Gala red carpet alone earlier this month, despite Tyga also being at the event. Why? Because her and Tyga reportedly broke up just before the prestigious fashion event.


According to TMZ, the couple have made the mutual decision to call time on their two year relationship, but so far, there’s no explanation as to what drove the decision.

> The couple hadn’t been pictured together for five weeks


Tyga recently celebrated Mother’s Day with his mum and an unknown model, which rang alarm bells at the time.

And as for Kylie? Well, she’s yet to confirm or deny the rumours, but she did send out a tweet to her fans last night saying: ‘Wow you guys are so cute. I love you all.’ Perhaps in reference to their support?

The pair have broken up before – the last time being just before Christmas when Kylie was reportedly ‘furious’ over something Tyga had done – but this time, it sounds pretty final.

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> Kylie and Tyga reportedly split before the MET Gala, and turned up separately


The young couple have been plagued with rumours that Tyga might have been unfaithful – at the start of this year, Tyga was slammed for allegedly messaging 14-year-old Molly O’Malia (but of course, this was never confirmed).

Still, we hope both of them are okay. And with the support of her fiercly-protective sisters, we have no doubt Kylie will do just fine as a single lady.

> Kylie and Tyga at Fashion Week earlier this year