Kylie Reveals What She Really Thinks Of Relationships

Kylie Jenner shares most of her life across her social media accounts. Her Snapchat is the most viewed in the world, and her teenage years have been played out in front of a camera on her family’s hit TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

But when it comes to her relationship with rapper Tyga, she seems to prefer to keep things under wraps. 

Aside from a Q&A with fans last month and some social media PDA (come on, we’re all guilty, right?), the 18-year-old hasn’t really said much about her famous beau.

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But last night, in a public post that she published on her personal website,, she let us have a glimpse into her romance. 



She wrote: ‘Living in the spotlight, people think they know everything about me, but they don’t.’

She went on: ‘I’ve never believed in the idea of the public knowing everything about my relationship and every time I break up and make up.’

Admitting that she’s happiest when she’s in a relationship, the raven haired star said: ‘Everyone who knows me, knows I’ve always been a relationship girl. I’ve never believed in the idea of casual dating or being with two people at once. I feel like I only have room for one person in my heart and I want to give whoever I’m with all the attention they deserve.’



Tyga’s one lucky fella.

But she also underlined the fact that she wants to keep at least some of her very public world to herself: ‘I’m not afraid to show who I’m dating, but I’m also not about to talk about every little detail of my relationship,” Jenner continued in the post.’

It seems that Tyga is just as committed to his famous girlfriend. According to E! News, the pair are in it for the long haul, and have openly discussed marriage.

The report reveals that a source says, ‘Tyga wants to marry Kylie eventually… They discussed it later down the line once Kylie gets a bit older. They are in a very happy place.’



The pair have been at the centre of marriage rumours for a long while, with many fans previously speculating that they may have already tied the knot, although she silenced that with one tweet: ‘I’m not trying to become a rapper, I’m not getting married, & I’m not pregnant…’

Perhaps one day, then. 

Sister Kendall, on the other hand, may not be as thrilled about her younger sister’s relationship.


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On a recent clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie and Kendall can be seen arguing, with Kendall telling Caitlyn that her sister ‘doesn’t have her priorities straight.’ Yikes. 

After Kylie invited Tyga along to a girls’ holiday – without telling the others – Kendall, who didn’t look impressed as he rocked up, told her sister: ‘I was really looking forward to this trip to hang out with you.’

Aw, don’t feel left out Kenny.