Kylie Jenner And Tyga’s PDA Gets Everyone Talking

Kylie Jenner got her glam on in a big way on Saturday night, and when it came to her party outfit, it could only be Versace…

The 18-year-old hit up trendy nightclub Hyde in LA for a night on the town with two of her gal pals and boyfriend Tyga.

Kylie opted for a green camo-print Versace mini dress that boasted long sleeves and a zip up the front, topping off with black courts and shiny, tousled waves. And she was clearly feeling her outfit for the night, as she could NOT. STOP. SNAPCHATTING.

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> Kylie opted for a green camo Versace dress for her night out


Documenting her journey on the way to the club, her singing with her friends on the way in, and then her entire night from within the club, it’s safe to say we didn’t miss an inch of Jenner’s wild night out.

And things really did get wild.

Once she met up with boyfriend Tyga, the pair were filmed getting very intimate as they kissed and hugged against a wall.

> Kylie shared a series of Snapchats of her and Tyga’s close encounter


At one point in Kylie’s Snapchat video, the rapper’s hands were seen groping his girlfriend’s bum in an extremely saucy PDA, before Kylie got embarrassed and told him to stop.


And let’s just say the reaction to the saucy video was a little mixed, with many young fans writing ‘Oh my god’ and commenting that she ‘shouldn’t have posted it’. Hmm.

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> Tyga’s hands are seen all over Kylie’s bottom in the saucy Snapchat


Whatever we thought of the video, it’s clear that things are going well between the on/off couple – in fact, Kylie posted a throwback clip from an old episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians last week, showing just how much she used to idolise Tyga,

After booking him to perform at sister Kendall’s birthday party, a younger Kylie is seen saying: ‘He is one of my favorite rappers, and I’m really nervous. I hope she likes it.’ Aw.

Looks like this is a crush that’s lasted a pretty long time, then…

> Kylie also shared a Snapchat of her shaking her bum at a friend’s house afterwards