It’s Kylie V Kylie!

Whose side are you on? Team Kylie, or er, Team Kylie? A serious cat (or should we say kat?) fight has broken out in showbiz land as Queen Of Pop Kylie Minogue goes up against Queen Of The Selfie Kylie Jenner. And it’s all down to their shared name, something Jenner wants to be all hers as she’s launched a bid to trademark it in the US.

Yep, while there was once only one ‘Kylie’ now, with nearly 80 million Twitter followers, Kylie Jenner is swiftly overtaking Minogue as the person you think of when you hear the name – and she wants the world to know it.

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But Kylie M is not happy about it. And she’s throwing some Grade A shade whilst opposing The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s request to trademark the name in the US.

Speaking through her legal representative KDB, the singer has said that Jenner is “a secondary reality television personality who has received criticism from disability rights and African American communities.” This, Minogue says would, “dilute her brand.” Burn. 

And, in news that Kylie Jenner is probably throwing a helluva tantrum over, Kylie Minogue also owns existing trademarks for the term that cover entertainment and services and music recordings.

Kylie’s people have yet to respond to the story but we’re soooo hoping they do soon – legal lawyer shade is almost better than shade thrown on Twitter. And yes, we’re aware how weird that sentence sounds – but hey, that’s celebs for you.