So, Has Kylie Jenner Given Daughter Stormi A Middle Name?

The little one's birth certificate has now been released, and we've got all the deets

Ever since Kylie Jenner revealed that she’d named her baby daughter Stormi earlier this week, we’ve had a few questions.

We first wondered whether the little girl would be a Jenner like her mum, before the 20-year-old confirmed that she’d stayed traditional and given her boyfriend Travis Scott’s surname.

But this doesn’t mean Stormi is a Scott. Actually, she’s a Webster. Rapper Travis, 26, uses a stage name, and was born Jacques Webster.

stormi webster 👼🏽

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Next query… does Stormi have a middle name? Well, her birth certificate was released yesterday – and it seems she’s simply Stormi Webster.

Kylie clearly didn’t want to follow in mum Kris footsteps, who gave her the middle name Kristen after herself. But TBH, we think Stormi Webster is strong enough by itself.

Fans had previously speculated that Kylie would call her first-born Butterfly, due to the amount of the creatures that appeared in her announcement video. She was seen wearing and tenderly touching a butterfly necklace, and showed a book in her nursery with a butterfly on the cover.

Kylie and Travis got matching butterfly tattoos in June, and Kylie shared a snap of herself wearing pink butterfly rings three months ago. Travis also wrote a song entitled Butterfly Effect.

But alas, it wasn’t to be. So, what does Stormi mean?

To be honest, we’re not entirely sure. But Urban Dictionary’s definition translates to ‘a free-hearted spirit’ and ‘beautiful or loveable,’ which we think is pretty lovely.

Wherever Kylie and Travis got their inspiration from, we’re sending them all our congratulations.