Kylie Jenner’s Fans Go Crazy For Her Laidback Look

Kylie Jenner tried something new on Instagram over the weekend. And her fans are welcoming her new look.

The 18-year-old is famous for her pouty selfies and super sexy swimwear poses, despite protesting that she’s actually quite shy, underneath it all.

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But at the weekend, Kylie droppped the sultry facade and shared a shot of herself, mid-laugh, wearing an oversized orange jumper. And the comments that flooded in were overwhelming.

‘You look so nice when you smile’, one fan commented.


‘She looks so good omg’, gushed another.

Whilst another wrote: ‘Dude!!! I actually really like this picture of you, you look so genuinely happy & that’s the best.’ Aww.

It is pretty lovely to see Kylie looking so happy and carefree, especially following her split from boyfriend Tyga last month.

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Still, being a Kardashian/Jenner and all, she’s still having to put up with ridiculous rumours about herself and her body.

In a new deleted clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we see Kylie coming across allegations that she’s pregnant, and looking pretty shocked. 


‘Why is everyone saying that I’m pregnant?’ Kylie asks her sisters whilst scrolling through her iPhone.

‘Who’s the dad?’ Kourtney asks, to which Kylie replied: ‘I don’t know. How do people know before me?’ LOL.

Ahh. The life of a very famous teen, eh?