So THIS Is How Kylie Jenner Does Sleepovers

Amidst of all the tragedy surrounding Lamar Odom’s reported overdose, 18-year-old Kylie Jenner has finally managed to get her life back to normal. Well, as normal as it can be, anyhow.

After spending days with her sisters, including Lamar’s ex wife Khloe Kardashian, by his bedside, the starlet decided to spend one of her free nights (of which there are VERY few) having a sleepover with her closest pals. However, this was no ordinary sleepover…

Taking to her Instagram, Kylie can be seen rocking some seriously cute ghost print pyjamas, as she poses barefaced and make-up free for the camera.

Captioning the shot, ‘It gets down in the KJ house’, were sure Kylie’s cosy night in was just what she needed after the stress she’s endured over the last week, and it goes without saying, that the TV personality made the most of the evening with a host of luxury touches.

Reported, for some of Kylie’s previous sleepovers, she’s hired in a personal butler to serve snacks, whip up some drinks and generally just take care of her guests. Sounds like a pretty dreamy evening if you ask us!

Also posing for the snap is a close friend of Kylie’s, who can be seen rocking a pair of Batman-emblazoned PJs to boot. Seriously, we need these comfies in our lives…

With her newly chopped bob pulled back off her face into a low ponytail, this is the most relaxed we’ve seen Kylie look in weeks. Let’s hope the chill vibe only continues as Lamar’s condition continues to improve.

Kylie, don’t forget to invite us to the next sleepover, K?!