Kylie Jenner Just Wore Her Weirdest Wig Yet

When one of the Kardashian/Jenners does a Paper Magazine cover, you know it’s going to be talked about. And Kylie Jenner‘s is definitely headline-worthy. Because, have you seen it?

The 18-year-old graces the cover of the magazine rocking a bubblegum pink wig made out of plastic and a matching bright pink lip, with her mouth and eyes looking almost cartoon-ish.

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kylie jenner paper magazine Another shot shows Kylie rocking bright red curls as she shows off her tiny heart tattoo


But don’t worry, Kylie says, of COURSE it’s Photoshopped.

‘Wow wow wow my @papermagazine COVER on newsstands 4/12. This is so amazing. Photographed by @erikmadiganheck styled by @rushkabergman #YOUth (and yes my eyes and lips are edited to look bigger).’

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star then shared a behind-the-scenes video showing her twirling in a yellow and pink satin babydoll and a furry grey goat, whilst another shot showed Kylie working bright red ringlets as she covered her face.

kylie jenner pom pom beanie Kylie Jenner working a more natural look…


Considering this is the magazine that made Kim Kardashian‘s booty look seriously pronounced, it’s hardly surprising that Kylie’s infamous pout has been exaggerated for comedic effect.

But what was the message behind the cover shot? Well, let Paper’s Editorial Director, Mickey Boardman, explain.

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kylie jenner paper magazine Kylie shares a BTS video from her cartoon-inspired shoot


‘Our concept for this issue was YOUth and we took inspiration from all things neon so we enlisted colourful personalities such as stylist Rushka Bergman and photographer Erik Madigan Heck to do something incredibly young, fun and bright.’

‘We had these crazy plastic wigs that were helmet-like paired with an ultra-bright wardrobe,’ he told Mashable. ‘Kylie looked so cartoon that we thought it would be amazing to exaggerate and blur the lines of what’s real and fake. Or just over drawn!’

kylie jenner paper magazine


Since the image landed on Instagram, hundreds of memes have flooded Twitter, with users comparing Kylie to all sorts of famous cartoon faces.

kylie jenner paper magazine

kylie jenner paper magazine


LOL. We can’t wait until the full shoot drops, as we imagine there will be plenty more surprises inside…