Kylie Jenner Sparks Controversy Over Paparazzi Rant

Kylie Jenner is possibly one of the most famous names on Snapchat, but one of her latest videos has landed her in a bit of hot water. 

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If you follow the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, you’ll know that, as well as giving her fans a backstage glimpse into her life at glitzy events and tours of her amazing million dollar home, she also frequently enjoys driving around Hollywood, mostly with some of her favourite music blaring.


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But this week, one of her drives took a different turn, with the teen star going on a bit of a rant against a paparazzi that she could spy out of the window.

So, why has this been called into question?

Well, Kylie seems to have a problem with women becoming photographers.



Kylie shared a video on Snapchat showing the unknowing photographer, and she got very honest about how she felt about her.

She exclaimed: ‘No woman should be a paparazzi.’

The 18-year-old can then be heard labelling the woman a ‘b***h’, before saying: ‘Like, what are you doing with your life girl?’


We’re a little unsure as to why Kylie seems to have such strong feelings about a woman pursuing this career, and the reality star didn’t elaborate any further. But Instagram users went into a frenzy. 

One wrote ‘ Where’s your respect for women @kyliejenner’ and another said ‘I think she shouldn’t be saying negative stuff on social media…’, whilst a few others jumped to the star’s defence.

Way to spark a debate, KJ. 



Kylie herself was in the drive-through line at fast food restaurant In-N-Out, and it appeared that she was in better spirits after getting her hands on her meal, snapping simply: ‘life is good’ alongside a mouth-watering picture of her burger.