Why Did Kylie Jenner Miss The MTV Movie Awards?

We always look forward to seeing the Kardashian/Jenners hitting up the MTV Awards red carpet. But this year, it was only Kendall that was representing for her famous family…

Whilst the leggy 20-year-old hit the event in a seriously hot pair of lace-up thigh high boots, her sister Kylie was mysteriously missing. Which is a little bit weird, considering both Kylie and Kim have been before.

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kylie jenner instagram Kylie went to a friend’s party instead on the night of the awards


So, where was Kylie?! Well, it appears that she spent the night partying with her friends instead – we saw her on Snapchat looking super cool (but definitely not red carpet-ready) in an oversized orange sweater and leggings.

kendall jenner 2016 mtv movie awards Kendall was looking fierce in her thigh high lace up boots at this year’s MTV Movie Awards


But weirdly, she did meet Kendall after the MTV Movie Awards, as we saw her and her model sister singing together in a Snapchat video, but it appears that they then went onto separate parties… Interesting.

For her second look, Kendal looked ah-mazing in a silky peach slip dress which she wore over a white t-shirt, adding a pair of suede tan thigh high boots and a nude overcoat for extra model kudos. LOVE.

kylie jenner kendall snapchat Kylie joined sister Kendall after the event, with the pair Snapchatting from insisde their ride


Both sisters were rocking totally different looks on the night, but looked equally as fierce, no?R

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kendall jenner gigi hadid Kendall later changed into a silky slip dress to hit the after party with BFF Gigi Hadid


Kylie didn’t look like she was too sad about missing the annual film event either, as she had a seriously exciting weekend preparing for the latest release of her Kylie Lip Kits.

After hitting up the factory, the 18-year-old then showed off her new metallic shades by filming a series of coloured swabs on the back of her hand.


Who needs mega movie ceremonies when you’re now running a seriously successful cosmetics line, eh?!

Kylie jenner and Kim Kardashian at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards... Kylie and Kim Kardashian at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards…