Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian’s Faces Have Us Confused

It’s long been thought that, of all the Kardashian sisters, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner seem to look the most alike. 

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They both have their family’s signature curves, raven locks and an enviable pout. They’re also quick to take style notes from one another. 

>Both Kylie and Kim have a penchant for bodycon


But this latest revelation goes one step further – they even seem to share the same face! 

Playing around with Snapchat’s face swap filter, the famous sisters uploaded a series of playful videos wearing each other’s faces.

And we can BARELY tell any difference. 



Kim pointed out, ‘I think this is the best face swap ever!’

And we’d have to agree.

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Kylie gushed to her sister, ‘I’ve always wanted to look like you.’

The 18-year-old has made no secret of the fact that she draws inspiration from her older sister Kim, so it makes sense that she’d be loving this.

But Kylie did point out, ‘I just think your face doesn’t fit my head.’



With Kim agreeing, ‘Oh yeah. I always thought you had a really small face.’

The two seemed to get a little confused about whose features belonged to who – and we can see why!

This has got to be the most confusing face swap we’ve seen…