Kylie Jenner’s Got Strict Rules About Motherhood

Kylie Jenner might raise a few eyebrows with her latest comments about motherhood.

The 18-year-old might only have been dating boyfriend Tyga for around a year, but she’s already spoken widely on the topic of becoming a mum. And she’s got pretty strong veiws on what age she feels this should happen.

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kylie jenner dress Kylie says even her sisters would have preferred to have children earlier…


‘I don’t want to start [having] a baby when I’m 30!’, she told Paper Magazine. ‘I don’t believe in after 30 – I don’t know.’


Sister Kourtney with her two children, Penelope and Reign... Sister Kourtney with her two children, Penelope and Reign…


The star has previously alluded to the fact that she feels that 30 is her cut-off age for having kids, but this is the first time she’s explicitly said it out loud.

Big sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian both had children over the age of 30, but Kylie admits that this still doesn’t change her opinion. 

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kylie jenner and tyga Kylie’s even spoken on the topic with boyfriend Tyga…


When this fact was pointed out, Kylie replied: ‘But they all wanted to have kids before. Kim was like “I better have two kids before 30.” She always said that.’

With new stats revealing that more women are giving birth over the age of 35 than ever before, Kylie’s comments could be interpreted as pretty old fashioned. Then again, we’re all allowed to have an opinion (and a preference), no?

kendall jenner and penelope disick Kendall and niece Penelope Disick


The Keeping Up with The Kardashians star also spoke about the topic on a recent episode of the show, telling boyfriend Tyga: ‘I feel like 30’s too late.’

It’s certainly an interesting topic. Thoughts?

kylie jenner and bailey baldwin Kylie says she doesn’t wait to wait ’til she’s over 30 to have a baby