Kylie Jenner And Khloe Kardashian Post Selfie Together Amid ‘Pregnancy’ Speculation

Apparently these two are both expecting...

Both Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are yet to either confirm or deny that they are pregnant for the first time, since rumours have gone wild over the last few weeks.

And now the reality TV pair have posted their first selfie together since the speculation began, and fans have noticed something a little odd about it…

Alongside the caption: ‘💕 I guess this is my favorite filter 💕,’ Khloe posted a snap of herself and her little sis.

💕 I guess this is my favorite filter 💕

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They look like twins, right?

And not only are the girls matching with their bright blonde ‘dos and pale pink pouts, but their black outfits are hiding any sort of possible baby bumps.

They also shared some videos on their social media stories, in which the 33-year-old – who is believed to be pregnant for the first time with NBA star boyfriend Tristan Thompson – remarks on their similarities: ‘Don’t we look like real sisters right now? Like full-blown twinning.’

Khloe then told the 20-year-old, who is reportedly also expecting her first child with boyfriend rapper Travis Scott, ‘You’re such a chameleon! You look like Kim [Kardashian] when you want to and me when you’re smart.’

Khloe is reportedly pregnant with her first child

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Despite both Khloe and Kylie remaining tight lipped on the pregnancy speculation, fans immediately began sharing their thoughts on Khloe’s snap…

‘I’m sure that Kylie is pregnant,’ one insisted as they went on to share their theory. ‘And the big give away isn’t the damb shirts that are 10 sizes TO big, it’s her lips deflating, she isn’t getting fillers anymore that’s Why The shape had changed and overdrawn on the top and the corners just slightly curved natural!!! Js pay attention to those lips [sic]’

Kylie Jenner

20-year-old Kylie is also rumoured to be expecting her first child

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Another congratulated Khloe on the news: ‘Congrats on FINALLY being pregnant!! I hope you have an easy pregnancy and that we get a new, healthy & beautiful baby addition to the Kardashian clan!! 😍 I couldn’t be happier for you! Many blessings ❤❤ [sic]’

Whereas others were less certain, asking: ‘But are you guys pregnant????’ and ‘How’s pregnancy treating you both? I want to see these bumps? Come through girls. Give us what we want!!! @kyliejenner @khloekardashian [sic]’

We have to say we agree… C’mon girls, give us the goss already!