So Kylie Jenner’s Juice Cleanse Didn’t Go To Plan

Kylie Jenner has never been one to be totally strict with her diet. But yesterday, the teenager tried something new – a juice cleanse.

Yep, the 18-year-old jumped on board the celebrity-loved craze that involves drinking a selection of juices (and no actual food) in an attempt to ‘detox’ the body. Millie Mackintosh, Ellie Goulding and Miranda Kerr are all known to be fans.

So, how did it go? Well, as expected, Kylie generously documented the whole thing on Snapchat so that her fans could really get involved in her new detoxing regime.

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But let’s just say she didn’t quite embrace it, Millie Mackintosh-style…

Kicking off with an introductory Snapchat video about her cleanse, Kylie said: ‘We need to talk about this.’

‘There are six juices, we’re on number four. I’m just like, I’m starting to get a headache. And it’s only 4 o clock.’

Yep, it looked like Kylie wasn’t taking to the liquid-only regime that both her and BFF Jordyn were attempting together quite as well as she’d thought. And we should just point out that juice cleanses aren’t necessarily even good for you – long-term cleanses can lead to muscle and tissue loss, and can cause your metabolism to drop rapidly. 


Luckily, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is a responsible lady, and offered up a similar warning about her cleanse.

‘Also guys, I don’t think cleanses are necessarily the best for you’, she said. ‘So don’t get me wrong, but it was a one day cleanse and we thought we’d try it out since we’ve never done it before.’

Not long after, Kylie re-appeared on Snapchat looking a little sleepy and even less enthused about her new healthy stash of drinks.


‘I’m really not a quitter guys, but I think we might eat sushi’, she drawled. LOL. And sushi she ate…

Juice cleanse firmly rejected after just seven hours, Jenner later posted a photo of her empty plate with the caption: ‘The damage is done’. Teehee.

So it seems juicing is simply not for Kylie – and to be honest, we’re not sure she needs it either. Her flawless skin and gorgeous body suggest she’s doing fine in the healthy living department, thank you very much!