There’s Been A Fire At Kylie Jenner’s Home

When you think of Kylie Jenner, it’s hard not to think of her wigs.

The 18-year-old is a huge fan of using wigs and hair extensions to switch up her look – in fact, it’s rare to see the star rocking her natural short locks these days.

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kylie jenner face tshirt Kylie was rocking a whole host of hair pieces at Coachella last weekend…


So if you were to imagine there was a fire at Kylie’s home, and that the fake hair went up in flames, it would be safe to assume that Kylie would be pretty freaked out, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star recently took to Snapchat to document a terrifying accident that went down in her LA mansion, caused by her BFF Harry Hudson.

You see, Kylie was waiting for a trip to the hairdresser, and her weave was ready, prepped and ‘all perfectly and in order’ on the side in the kitchen. 

Kylie's friend Harry Hudson Kylie’s friend Harry Hudson accidentally started a fire in her kitchen


Meanwhile, Harry was innocentally attempting to fix himself a grilled cheese sandwich, and upon seeing his pal’s hair extensions spread all over the kitchen counter and stove, somehow decided to turn the flame on anyway.

Boys, eh?

Of course, the extensions caught on fire, and as Harry explained to the camera: ‘They smelled like sh*t.’ Crikey!

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kylie jenner snapchat Kylie has previously said that she feels ‘self-conscious’ about her natural hair


Thankfully, Kylie wasn’t at home to witness the horrible hair disaster (if we were her, we would be FREAKING OUT), and her staff quickly put the fire out before she got home. Phew!

Still, we can’t imagine the extensions fared well out of that. And with Kylie admitting that she feels hugely self-conscious without her weaves, losing her safety blanket would no doubt have been a little painful.

Safety first next time, eh Harry? And Kylie, maybe it’s time to keep your extensions stored in a slightly more sensible place? Hehe.

kylie jenner coachella Kylie’s a big fan of using weaves to mix up her look