Kylie Jenner Explains Away *That* Awkward Fan Video

Kylie Jenner has taken to Twitter to explain that awkward fan video.

In case you missed it, the 18-year-old was making her way into LA eatery Craig’s last week when three young teenage fans were seen following closely on her heels, desperate for a photo with their favourite reality TV star.

The whole situation looked pretty stressful, with Kylie also being surrounded by paparazzi and her entourage who were attempting to get her safely into the restaurant.

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In the clip, one of the young girls then grabs Kylie’s arm and shouts, ‘Please, Kylie!’ after the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star refused to stop for a photo.

Kylie’s then seen turning round crossly and saying directly to the girl, ‘Please don’t touch me!’

(Watch it below).


The video quickly went viral, with many slamming Jenner for being rude to her fans, but the star has now taken to Twitter to have her say.

After a fan called the girl in the video ‘annoying’, Kylie replied to say: ‘She wasn’t annoying.’

‘She came in the restaurant after and I had a talk with her and we took photos. She just apologised for grabbing on to me so hard & said she was a big fan and we embraced & took pics.’


Kylie added: ‘I just said u can’t be doing that. It’s scary when I can’t see & have no [security] already.’

We totally sympathise with Kylie, as it must be seriously tough putting up with intense fan situations like that. But we’re glad the young fan got her picture in the end.