Kylie Jenner Disables All New Comments On Her Instagram Account

What's going on?!

With her 69 million followers, Kylie Jenner knows how to rack up a few comments on her Instagram pictures.

Whether she’s posting a sexy bikini pic from her mega mansion in Calabasas, or sharing a spot-on make-up selfie to showcase her latest Kylie Lip Kit shade, Kylie knows the shots that will get the most traction.

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kylie jenner phone

Kylie’s pictures from earlier this week still show comments

And for most celebrities, comments and likes = success, right?

Well, it seems that Kylie’s had a major re-think of the role she wants social media to play in her life, because have you SEEN what’s going down on her Instragram page right now?

That’s right, every single comment has disappeared from her most recent pictures. Which can only mean that Kylie has taken the decision to disable them.

See what we mean?

kylie jenner instagram

kylie jenner instagram

kylie jenner instagram

Weirdly enough, there are still comments on her snaps from two days ago, so it looks like she’s only just turned off the comments option.

kylie jenner dog instagram

And if you hover over her latest snaps, you can still clearly see comments have been made – they’re just not showing. And there is still the option to leave them. Hmm.


The 18-year-old has previously said that she now feels ‘numb’ to nasty comments left under her posts.

‘Honestly, I feel like at this point I’ve gotten so numb to it’, she said in reference to Instagram trolls. ‘I still do my thing and people still love me…It doesn’t really affect me.’ Perhaps it affected her more than she let on…

Kylie’s move comes in the wake of the announcement from Instagram that it would be letting some of its users ban certain words from appearing in comments on their posts – and Chrissy Teigen is one of the first celebrities to openly admit she’s using it.

Sharing a shot of her new custom filter, showing her banning the words ‘Trump,’ ‘Colon,’ and ‘Cleanse’, the model wrote: ‘thank you, @instagram’.

As of yet, the feature is only available to high volume users, but is thought to be rolling out for the rest of the public soon.