Fans May Have Worked Out What Kylie Jenner’s Named Her Daughter

There ARE a number of clues pointing in this direction...

Kylie Jenner’s officially a mama!

Yep. After months of speculation, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star finally announced the birth of her first child last night.

She revealed that she’d kept her pregnancy secret in order to ‘prepare for the role of a lifetime’ in ‘the most positive, stress free and healthy way’, before posting a super-sweet home video documenting the past nine months.

Despite showing us her gorgeous bump, scans and the first few moments after birth, we’re yet to see a proper photo of Kylie’s daughter. She’s also keeping us in the dark about the name she and boyfriend Travis Scott have chosen.

But of course, eagle-eyed fans have already come up with their own theory.

They reckon Kylie’s little girl is called Butterfly, due to the amount of the creatures that appear in the vid. She’s seen wearing and tenderly touching a butterfly necklace, and shows a book in her nursery with a butterfly on the cover.

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner wears a butterfly necklace in the video

Then there are the hints over on Snapchat and Instagram. She and Travis, 25, got matching butterfly tattoos in June, and Kylie shared a snap of herself wearing pink butterfly rings three months ago.

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Tweets include: ‘Y’all I figured out what Kylie Jenner is naming her baby. Butterfly. Thank me later,’ and: ‘Video focused on Kylie’s butterfly necklace & butterflies on the wall of her baby’s room. Travis wrote a song called the Butterfly Effect. Travis & Kylie got matching butterfly tattoos. HER DAUGHTER’S NAME IS BUTTERFLY I FIGURED IT OUT.’

Others reckon it could be a butterfly-themed name. One wrote: ‘So there appears to be a butterfly theme for Kylie Jenner’s baby name. Ulysses? Chrysalis?’ while others said: ‘Vanessa means butterfly in Greek…. js 🦋🦋🦋,’ and: ‘Kylie Jenner had so many butterflies in that video. The baby’s name will probably Monarch or another butterfly name. Calling it.’

Hmm… interesting. What do you reckon Kylie will go for? Let us know @lookmagazine.