Did Kylie Jenner Copy *That* Controversial Kim-K Selfie?

Kylie Jenner made no secret of her admiration for big sis’ Kim Kardashian‘s nude selfie this week. 

After the 35-year-old posted a bathroom shot completely in the buff, the world erupted with a mixed response. Many praised Kimmy for her body confidence, whilst others – some big celebrity names included – spoke out against her. 

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Kim wasted no time in hitting back at her critics, whilst 18-year-old Kylie tweeted simply, ‘Kim is a legend.’

Now, it seems that the teen has decided to take on her very own version of the now-famous picture. 


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Taking to Instagram to strike a similar pose against a bathroom backdrop, the youngest Jenner sister even swished her hair back in the same way. 

But there was one big difference.

Obviously, Kim’s completely naked, with only two censor bars covering her modesty. Kylie opted for a striking black two-piece bikini.

But Kyles was pretty clever with her choice of bathing suit, selecting a block colour bandeau top in black. It looks oh-so similar to the blackout line on Kim’s saucy snap, no?

Her fans were quick to comment on her apparent inspiration, with one writing, ‘this is copying Kim she just has her bikini as the black lines’.

Another even wrote out the line that accompanied Kim’s controversial upload, writing, ‘WHEN YOU HAVE LIKE NOTHING TO WEAR… LOL’.

Either way, they both look babin’. 

Well spotted, guys…