Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her ‘Boss’ Car Collection

Kylie Jenner loves cars. And she wants the whole world to know it.

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In a brand new video for her personal website,, the youngest of the Kardashian sisters has treated her fans to a private tour of her car collection.

It turns out that Kylie is the very proud owner of FOUR luxury cars, with one being valued at around $150,000 and another, which just so happens to be a Rolls Royce, is said to be worth an estimated $300,000, according to the Daily Mail. 

And, breathe. 



The teen superstar admits that ‘it’s probably way too many cars for a young woman’ but also goes on to tell her viewers that she has a love for cars, before concluding: ‘it is what it is’.

The video sees the Jenner sister taking pride of place in the driver’s seat of her all-over white Rolls Royce Ghost, Kylie beams: ‘It’s just so classy, makes me feel so boss – it’s the smoothest car I’ve ever driven’ 

Sporting her famous green wig and iconic baseball cap, Kylie worked her off duty look. Showcasing her style credentials, she teamed a casual black vest top with a matching, statement, bomber jacket. 

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The very first car she bought was the Range Rover Autobiography extended version, and Kylie proudly showed us around the super white exterior, explaining: ‘Everything you can see on the car I wanted to make it white’.

It certainly has a jaw-dropping effect.



Kylie also loves the fancy features, revealing that, at night, ‘there’s this big light on the floor that says Range Rover and I think that’s cool.’

Her second addition to the car crew was her Mercedes G-class, which has a classy red interior. Kylie also showed off her Ferrari 458 Italia, which was famously gifted to her by her rapper beau Tyga as part of her 18th birthday.

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She certainly has the makings of a very impressive fleet.

We wonder what she may go for next.