The World Is Obsessed With Kylie’s Hot Bodyguard

Kylie Jenner might enjoy many perks of being a celebrity. But after seeing a photograph of her bodyguard, we can’t help but feel that this might trump the rest. 

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared a picture of herself rocking a seriously babin’ suede dress, but all that we could stare at (sorry, Kyles) was the super HOT man that was being a total gentleman and trying to open her car door for her. 



It seems that the internet was quick to jump on high alert too, with tweets and Instagram comments being dedicated to the unknown guy. 

First of all, Kylie’s fans were quick to ask who he was. But after a while, most came to the conclusion that he was the star’s bodyguard.

The comments included: ‘Who is Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard and does he have a girlfriend?’ and ‘if Kylie Jenner doesn’t date her bodyguard or whoever that man is opening her car door for her damnit I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE’.

A few seemed to compare him to Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga, with one asking, ‘if this is your bodyguard then what are you still doing with tyga’.

Ouch. Now that’s a little harsh. 



When another responded, ‘Bc Her bodyguard can’t buy her a Ferrari’, Kylie herself stepped in to defend her relationship.

Retweeting the comment, Kylie added the comeback, ‘You act like I can’t buy my own Ferrari. Idgaf about ur money or looks’.


Now, if you could just put us in touch with your bodyguard, Kylie…