Kylie Jenner’s Bold New Lip Shade Divides Opinion

Kylie Jenner has just debuted some brand new lip shades. And it’s safe to say we weren’t quite expecting her choice of colour…

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Treating her Snapchat fans to a sneak peek, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star pulled her best pout to showcase Freedom (a deep, velvety navy) and Skylie (an almost-neon, light blue).

Both hues are part of her 4th of July collection, and she treated fans to hand swatches and some IRL selfies.

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It turns out that Skylie (lovin’ the name, Ky) was actually inspired by the 18-year-old’s baby blue Ferrari.

But one glance at Instagram shows us that this brave new hue is already dividing opinion.

One fan wrote, ‘Nope not feeling it…’ before branding it ‘ugly’.


Other reactions included: ‘Nooo i dont think so’, ‘Eww’, ‘Awful’ and ‘Why!? I bet this will never sell out’.

One fan even drew the comparison: ‘Is anyone else seeing Joey from Friends in that Japan commercial?’


Poor Kylie.

In fairness, it is a very, very, bright shade, so it’s definitely one for the more daring make-up lovers.

But we could totally see this being rocked at a festival.

What’s your verdict?