Kylie Jenner Shares Bare Bum ‘Belfie’, And… Puts It On A T-Shirt

Kylie Jenner makes like sister Kim Kardashian with newest 'belfie' snap, AND, you can buy it on a t-shirt

Kylie Jenner has upped the Insta-stakes by posting a brand new bare bum ‘belfie’.

AND, guess what? This image is also available to buy on your very own Kylie bum-branded t-shirt, if you were so inclined.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the 19-year-old star shared a snap in which she’s pulling down her jeans to reveal her bare derriere, echoing some of the now famous ‘belfie’ shots big sister Kim Kardashian has shared on her own social media accounts over years.

The Exclusive Cheeks Tee Available Tomorrow Only at 9am pst

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Fans were quick to point out that this newest (literal) exposé from KUWTK‘s youngest sibling is rivalling the white swimsuit snap Kim posted in 2013, which pretty much sparked the whole ‘belfie’ trend. Is KyJen gunning for Kim K’s crown? Is this the Battle of the Belfies? Or, more to the point, would anyone actually wear Kylie Jenner’s bare butt on a t-shirt?! The mind boggles.

Kim Kardashian Belfie

Unsurprisingly, this cheeky new piece of Kardashian/Jenner branding has drastically divided opinion (funny how those sisters manage to do that, right?), with many fans (355 and counting) wasting no time voicing their opinions via the Kylie Shop official Instagram

‘Not appropriate or decent!’ one fan raged.

‘Don’t get why she always has to show her fake behind to sale something.’ another commented. Ouch.

And of course, there were the obligatory Kim comparisons…

‘Wants to be the next kim so bad lmao.’ one fan pointed out.

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But, despite the barrage of incredulous reactions to Kylie’s bare bum (on a t-shirt), we anticipate that the item WILL sell out in a matter of minutes. And well, is it bad that we kind of want one ourselves…? Come on, KyJen’s butt tee could realistically be our new summer festival uniform, FACT.

The Exclusive Cheeks Tee Available Tomorrow Only at 9am pst

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‘Ohh, beautiful😍’ one fan gushed, with another simply saying:

‘I love you Kylie Jenner.’

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