‘The Issue Has Been Resolved’: Kylie Jenner Avoids Lawsuit With Make-Up Artist

The artist that accused Kylie Jenner of plagiarism has withdrawn her lawsuit

Kylie Jenner has narrowly avoided a lawsuit brought against her by a make-up artist who accused her of plagiarism. The reality TV star is now promoting the artist’s work via her own Instagram.

Vlada Haggerty and photographer Julia Kuzmenko McKim threatened to take legal action against Kylie following claims that her Kylie Cosmetics range had deliberately copied and/or recreated their images.

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The brand campaign in question — shot by photographer Marcelo Cantu — was used to promote a forthcoming holiday range, and depicted a woman with glossed lips, gold-dusted hands covering her eyes. When the snap was shared by Kylie’s representatives last November, it did bear eerie similarities with a shot Vlada posted two months before. So much so, that the artist decided to very publicly (and legally) call KyJen out on it.

‘Really @kyliecosmetics? Haven’t you gotten enough “inspiration” from me already?’ rages Vlada in the caption.

Hmm, even we have to agree that the images are well, quite similar…

However, it’s since transpired that the artist is no longer pursuing legal action as Kylie now appears to be promoting Vlada’s pictures on her own Instagram – which has a staggering 84.3 million followers.

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According to TMZ.com, Kylie has now reached an agreement with Vlada in which the KUWTK star will use her own social media accounts to publish the artist’s work. In exchange, no lawsuit will be brought against Kylie Cosmetics.

True to her word, Kylie has shared two snaps from Vlada’s account, and tagged the artist accordingly. It hasn’t however silenced the Instagrammers who feel that KyJen has gotten off rather lightly.

This really is everything 😍 Check out the wonderful makeup art of @vladamua!

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

‘Trying to cover up the fact that you completely ripped off this girl’s art instead of admitting it and apologizing?’ one fan asked.


Further confirmation that the problem had been solved came from photographer Julia, who reposted Kylie’s Instagram image yesterday with the caption:

‘We are very happy to share that the issue has been resolved. Thanks so much to every single one of you creative souls who supported us, we truly appreciate you.’