Kylie Jenner’s Assistant On How She Got Her Job (And What It’s Like)

Ever wondered how you land a job as PA for one of the most famous teenagers in the world? Well, now you know...

Kylie Jenner’s assistant has been speaking out about how on earth you land a showbiz job like that.

Let’s be honest – being PA to one of the most famous 19-year-olds on the planet can’t be a walk in the park. From the make-up and clothing launches to the swanky parties (plus all of that selfie taking), it must be a pretty full-on job.

And Kylie’s assistant Victoria Villarroel Gamero isn’t pretending otherwise as she opens up about her job in a new video for KJ’s app called ‘What It’s Like To Be My Assistant’.

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‘It’s work, but it’s fun’, she says.

So, how did Victoria come to land such an exciting job? Well, she explains…

‘Five years ago I started working at [Kylie’s] mum’s company Jenner Communications and I would see Kylie there all the time because it was her mum’s office’, she says. ‘


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‘And I remember, it’s funny, I saved my number in her phone as Victoria the Princess, like I was very confident back then, and then fast forward to now, a year ago, I came back and I was looking for a job and she needed someone, so they just took me’.

‘She still had me saved as Victoria the Princess.’

It’s not the first time the teenager’s assistant has lifted the lid on their lives – earlier this year, Victoria and another of Kylie’s PAs were caught on Snapchat dishing the dirt about Kylie’s very particular tastes…

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‘Kylie asks me for the same f**king smoothie every morning,’ one of them kicked off. ‘When she asks which flavor, Kylie responds “you should know the flavour.”‘

She also went on to say that half the time, Kylie will request something, then totally forgot she’s even asked for it. Lols.

Now THAT’s what we call diva behaviour.