Kylie Jenner Embarrasses Kendall At New York Fashion Week

Kylie Jenner plays it very (un)cool on the FROW of Alexander Wang as her sister moans that Kylie copies her style...

It turns out being a supermodel, reality star and general fashion queen, doesn’t mean you get to dodge embarrassing family moments.

(Thank god we’re not the only ones).

Kendall Jenner has been slaying New York Fashion Week this year, sporting some killer outfits (we NEED that black furry jacket this autumn), as well as walking Alexander Wang’s show and looking seriously fab whilst she’s at it.

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Kylie has been embarrassing Kendall at NYFW…

But we’re not the only ones crushing on the 20-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star, as super fan (and sister) Kylie just couldn’t keep her cool when it came to her sis’ big fashion moment.

Showing herself to be one seriously proud sister, Kylie was sat in the front row of the Wang collection, camera in hand, ready to catch Kendall on the runway.

But it all got a bit too much for the over excited 19-year-old, who ended up screaming her head off as an unfazed Kendall glided past in a gorgeous white skirt. Teehee.

Don’t hold back, Kylie.

And the embarrassing sister moments didn’t end there, as Kendall also took to her app to give fans an insight into the pair’s clash on fashion. In fact, she basically accused her little sis of copying her. Eek!

“Since Monica styles most of us, it’s funny to see which sister actually gets credit”, Kendall wrote. “Since Kylie is such a street-style girl, people always think she started something – so annoying, lol. I wore a ripped rocker tee with my bralette one day and she did the same thing the very next! We’ve always been at war over clothes, haha!”

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Kendall admits sometimes her and Kylie can copy each other’s style…

Looks like Kylie has outfit envy just like the rest of us.

But Kendall went on to praise her sister’s equally enviable street fashion, saying she never had “inherently good style” like her sisters, whereas “Kylie always had it together”.

Well we think they both look amazing. Must be something to do with those Kardashian/Jenner genes!