Kylie Jenner Has A Not-So-Glamorous Jeans Accident

Kylie Jenner is normally seen looking sexy and glamorous on Snapchat. But last night, we saw a whole other side to the teen.

The 18-year-old was doing her usual thing of documenting her back-of-the-car journey with a few of her pals. So far, so Kylie.

But then came the accident. As the next shot panned to Kylie’s lap to show her jeans socked at the crotch. Yep, we told you it wasn’t glamorous.

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‘Why does this always happen to me!’, she’s seen wailing to her friends as she looks down at her ruined trews.

‘Every time we’re in this car’, her friends comments. 

Afterwards, we see another video showing Kylie in her high-waisted jeans and silky camisole top as she’s got up out of the car.

Turning around to show her totally soaked derriere, she said to her pals: ‘Oh my god. This happens every single time’, before asking hopefully: ‘Does it look fine?’


BFF Harry Hudson is then heard saying reassuringly: ‘Yeh you look good, it’s fine. You can’t notice it.’ LOL.

Of course, fans were quick to comment, wondering what on earth had happened to poor Kylie – and some of the guesses were predictably gross.

But don’t worry guys, she just spilled her drink in the car. Doh! Next time work on that clumsiness, eh lady?