Why Wasn’t Tyga Invited To Kylie Jenner’s *Insane* Birthday Celebrations?!

Kylie Jenner just turned nineteen in the *best* way.

When your name is ‘Kylie Jenner’, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re not about to turn nineteen quietly.

Which, ‘ya’know, is fair enough- this is the ‘gal who received a a white Ferrari for her eighteenth birthday, after all. We’d probably be exactly the same.

So yesterday, Kylie celebrated a 19th fabulous year in Jenner-land. Oh, and did we mention that she looked utterly unbelievable? Because she really, really did.

Ready? Bam.

thanks for all the birthday wishes. Best Birthday Yet ⭐️

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On Tuesday, Kylie debuted her brand new red hair- managing to blow the minds of near-enough every Tom, Dick and Harry this side of the equator.

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And, after much speculation, it had turned out to be a wig- as yesterday, Kylie ditched the red locks for a rockin’ high legged two piece in the same shade. Do we sense a theme here?!

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Captioning one of the snaps ‘thanks for all the birthday wishes. Best Birthday Yet’, Kylie and her girl gang- including big sis’ Kendall, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin- boated around the beautiful islands of  Turks and Caicos in what appeared to be the most glamorous beach day possibly ever.

Meanwhile we’re getting dodgy sunburn lines because we tried to rock a Kylie Jenner-esque scrappy swimsuit. *Sigh* life.

19 & 20

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One of Kylizzle’s (v.v. lucky) birthday guests, the beautiful Bella Hadid, has shared a snap of the sunny celebrations- which she captioned ‘happy birthday Ky Baby….life would be boring without you’.

Anyone know why we’re not friends with this lot yet?! Because honestly, beats us.

happy birthday Ky Baby ?….life would be boring without you????

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Weirdly, Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga was absent from the birthday-cation (like a vacation, but better). However, this could just be because it was a girls day…

Besides, Tyga did buy the birthday gal’ a Mercedes-Benz Maybach last week. So lets face it, they’re probably not breaking up any time soon.

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To see her birthday out in style, the gang ended their beach day with a private firework display. Because, what else would Kylie Jenner finish her nineteenth birthday with? Cake?! Pshhh…

surprise! love, kenny

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Anyone else a teeny tiny bit scared as to what Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday celebrations might involve?!

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