Kristin Cavallari Recovers In Hospital After Car Accident

Kristin Cavallari has been having a really tough time of it lately. 

The former star of reality TV show The Hills was involved in a car crash this week, and was reportedly rushed to hospital in Chicago.

A representative for the 29-year-old told Today, ‘She was hit by another driver in Chicago. She is doing fine and will be discharged from the hospital shortly.’



According to E! News, her husband, Jay Cutler, and her children weren’t with her at the time of the accident, but Jay reportedly met her at the hospital not long after she was admitted.

A source also told the publication that ‘her injuries are not serious, though she did suffer from a dislocated elbow.’

We’re really sad to hear of Kristen’s accident, but are relieved that she seems to be okay.

It’s been a really difficult time for the mum-of-three and her family. Her brother Michael tragically passed away just last month, after being missing for two weeks. 

>The star gave birth to her third child in November 2015


Once news of her accident broke, fans were quick to share their support on Twitter. One wrote, ‘@KristinCav I hope you are doing well. Heard about the accident. Glad the kids were not inside the car. Glad you are ok.’

Another tweeted, ‘My thoughts and prayers go out to #KristenCavallari ! First her brother passed away about 2 months ago & now she was in a car accident!’

We couldn’t have put it any better ourselves…