Kristen Stewart’s Stylist Talks The Trends She Won’t Wear

Kristen Stewart has a very distinctive look when it comes to style and the star isn’t going to be bossed around by the fash pack – least of all her stylist.

So Tara Swennen, who regularly persuades the self-confessed tomboy out of her Converse and into killer red-carpet looks, has our full respect. But if there is one trend Kristen certainly won’t be rocking – like ever – it’s a peplum. Nope, no way, absolutely not.

Tara told “Last season, it was so funny because they called us out in The New York Times [that] Kristen had hit every trend last year except for a peplum!” She added. “She’s not a fan of peplums. I tried with 20 peplum dresses this year, and it was not happening! I’m trying to get her to do the high-neck turtleneck thing – I’m trying to push her.”

Judging by her amazing fashion performance at the Met Gala, the pushing is working an absolute treat so far!

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By Lucy Hancock, 9 May 2013

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