Kristen Stewart Wasn’t Ready For ‘On The Road’

Kristen Stewart has revealed that she’s glad there was a delay between her signing on for the role of Marylou in On The Road, and when they started filming the movie.

Why? Well, she doesn’t think she was ready for the free spirited role at 16. On the red carpet at AFI Fest screening of the film last night, she said:

“I think I was 16 … maybe freshly 17 when I met Walter for the movie, and at the time I’d have done craft service for On the Road. I’d have done anything. I’d have followed them in a caravan just to be like a groupie.

“It’s a funny way to put it: I ‘agreed’ to the job when I was that age. I was so not ready to play THAT part. So I think the process of getting a little bit older, getting to know the woman behind the character, it all helped me to play somebody so sort of … She’s not out of reach. It’s just that she’s … She was ahead of her time then, she’s ahead of her time, like, now.”

Kristen took a quick break from her Breaking Dawn: Part 2 promo duties to promote On The Road  in a gorgeous Balenciaga outfit last night, but her costar and boyfriend Robert Pattinson wasn’t far away – he joined her for the after party.

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