Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Reunited For First TV Appearance

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been reunited on TV for the first time since she cheated on her Twilight co-star with director Rupert Sanders.

It’s the public appearance we’ve all been waiting for as the pair continue to dodge questions about the status of their relationship.

Kristen and Rob appeared on MTV News in the US last night along with Taylor Lautner to promote the final chapter in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn: Part II.

Kristen, dressed casually in a blue and black striped jumper, gazed lovingly at Rob as they answered questions on the franchise – and it looks to us like thery’re pretty smitten, despite all their dramas.

They didn’t answer any questions about their relationship, for obvious reasons, but the interviewer did touch on their attendance at a Halloween party this week. Kristen dressed up as Natalie Portman in Closer, wearing a pink wig, while Rob wore a transparent mask. Talking about the pap photos, Kristen said: “‘Oh yes, it looks awesome. That’s not fair. That’s actually a really weird [photo].”

Rob meanwhile, added: “That’s not me! I chose someone who is just genuinely terrifying. It was a $3 mask from a 7-Eleven.”

Oh, come on, guys. Just spill the beans already! RM