Kristen Stewart Plagued By New Rupert Sanders Rumours

Kristen Stewart is facing new rumours about her relationship with Rupert Sanders today, after she was photographed stepping into a car with a man who resembles the Snow White & The Huntsman director. 

The actress, who admitted to a “momentary indiscretion” with her colleague last year, was snapped outside Malo restaurant in Los Angeles on Sunday night after having dinner with friends.  

She appears to get into a waiting car, which looks very similar to Rupert’s black Acura. The pictures are too grainy to make out the man’s face and were taken just outside a ‘valet’ sign, prompting some to say that the gent is merely delivering Kristen’s car after her meal. 

Rob jetted out of LAX airport on the same night, and is thought to be headed to Toronto to film his new movie, Maps To The Stars (though we’re secretly hoping he’s heading home to London).  

Looks like the poor loves won’t ever escape these break-up rumours. If you need a shoulder to cry on, Rob… 

By Rebecca Martin, 23rd April 2013

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