Did Kristen Stewart Get Booed At Cannes Film Festival?

Kristen Stewart is looking fabulous right now, no?

We’re totally obsessed with her bleached ‘do, and we’re also championing her experimentation with red eyeshadow.

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But, away from winning in the style stakes, it seems that not everything went totally to plan for the actress in Cannes.



It’s been widely reported that K-Stew’s new film, Personal Shopper, was met with boos when it screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Twitter was flooded with first-hand experiences of the booing, with comments including: ‘Personal Shopper got the first boos I heard at #Cannes2016’ and ‘Heard some people booing and laughing at “Personal Shopper”‘ [sic].

Oh no 🙁

However, both Kristen and the director Olivier Assayas have insisted that the film didn’t receive this bad reception.

It seems that the premiere audience had a very positive reaction, though, offering a standing ovation once the credits roled. Now that’s more like it.



Variety also reported that Kristen had the cameras point down towards her feet, showing that she was sporting denim Vans. A dig at the controversial no-flats policy from last year’s festival? Yup, just another reason to love this lady.

The film, which now has a trailer for us mere mortals, tells the story of a personal shopper – go figure – who is trying to communicate with the ghost of her brother.

Critics have given it quite a bit of praise. And, you know, K-Stew is in it.

So we’ll be adding this to our must-watch list for sure…