Kristen Stewart Admits To ‘Huge’ Crush On Harrison Ford

Kristen Stewart has revealed her celebrity crush – and it’s not who you think. Despite being the other half of the delicious Robert Pattinson – and controversially hooking up with Rupert Sanders in 2012 – it’s actually Indiana Jones who K-Stew has a soft spot for.

Talking to W magazine recently for a special feature on cinematic crushes, Kristen said: “I used to have a huge thing for Harrison Ford.”

We can see exactly where Kristen is coming from. That hat and bag combo… the open shirt… we totally fell for Indie, too (don’t laugh).

And Robert Pattinson still didn’t get a mention despite Kristen mentioning a second crush. She added: “And Amy Adams, man, she’s my favourite actress. I have a total crush on her because I got to work with her too – she’s awesome.”

Amy Adams didn’t reciprocate Kristen’s feelings, though. Revealing her own celebrity crush, she said: “Colin Farell. I haven’t really worked with him or met him properly [which] means I’m allowed to crush on him still.”

Don’t worry, Rob. You’ll always be our number one. RM