Kristen Stewart: 23 Reasons We Want Her Life!

Kristen Stewart turns 23 today and instead of celebrating with cake and a Twilight marathon like normal people we’ve given into our green-eyed monsters and admited that we wish we had her life! And here’s why…

1. She gets to run her hands through Robert Pattinson‘s mop of gorgeous hair.

2. Actually, she gets to run her hands EVERYWHERE on Robert Pattinson – and share a bed with him.

3. She’ll go down in history as the star of one of the most popular film franchaises of all time. The Twilight Saga duh!

4. She admits she hates wearing heels and manages to get away with wearing dirty trainers with a couture gown.

5. She’s kissed Chris Hemsworth AND Taylor Lautner.

6. She plays baseball with Taylor.

7. She got to rub shoulders with the gorgeous Eddie Redmayne while starring opposite him in The Yellow Handkerchief.

8. She parties backstage with Ellie Goulding.

9. Katy Perry loves her and invites her to ALL her parties and dinners. Not jealous at all…

10. She’s BFFs with Jodie Foster after appearing in Panic Room with her at the age of 12. Could she have a cooler ‘work mum’? No.

11. She gets to rock couture on the red carpet and then change into her scruffs on her way home.

12. She’s got great body confidence and didn’t bat an eyelid about getting naked for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

13. She has not one but TWO homes in LA where she can soak up the sun and schmooze with other A-listers.

14. She got to hang out with rock legend Joan Jett prior to filming The Runaways to perfect her mannerisms, stage presence, attitude and musical skill.

15. She’s been ranked on FHM’s ‘Sexiest Women In The World’ lists a ridiculous number of times.

16. She was shot by Mario Testino for the October 2012 edition of British Vogue AND appeared on the cover!

17. Not only can she act, she can sing as well as and has performed in two of her films; Into The Wild and The Runaways


18. She’ll never run out of perfume because she was the face of Balenciaga‘ frangrance Florabotanica.

19. She’s always part of the FROW crowd during fashion week.

20. Charlize Theron loves K-Stew so much that she said she would “jump off a building for that girl”.

21. She can turn up with her trademark messy hair and still look amazing (wish our hair looked that good without a brush!).

22. THOSE legs. So amazing are this lady’s pins, they should really should count as two reasons. But we ran out of room.

23. Finally, despite being photographed cosying up to her (married, ahem) director Rupert Sanders, she’s managed to release a heartfelt apology, bounce back and win R-Patz over.

Happy birthday K-Stew!

By Lauren O’Callaghan, 9th April 2013

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