Kris Jenner Suffered A Miscarriage Before Kendall Was Born

Kris Jenner has opened up about a heartbreaking experience she went through over 20 years ago.

In an interview with PEOPLE, the 60-year-old has revealed that she suffered a miscarriage before falling pregnant with her daughter Kendall.

There was one person in particular who helped her through the ordeal – her close friend Nicole Brown Simpson, the ex-wife of OJ Simpson who was killed in 1994.

> Kris Jenner was married to Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner from 1991-2015


Kris says: ‘Nicole was an amazing friend. There were some really great precious moments we shared, [ones] that you have when you spend your life with someone.

‘Before I got pregnant with Kendall, I had a miscarriage at three months. Nicole really got me through that.’

After the miscarriage, Kris began doing daily work-outs with Nicole.

> Nicole Brown Simpson was the ex-wife of OJ Simpson


She continues: ‘I had never run before. And Nicole would encourage me. She got me running – and she told me: “I promise you’ll get pregnant [again].”

‘In the middle of that, she said: “I’m going to give you all of my maternity clothes.” Allen Schwartz made Nicole this entire wardrobe of maternity dresses. She had them in every colour. And she gave them all to me.’

Of course, Kris did become pregnant again. She gave birth to Kendall in November 1995 and youngest daughter Kylie in August 1997.

> Kris Jenner has five daughters, as well as son Rob


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But tragically, Nicole passed away before Kendall was conceived, aged just 35. So in honour of her loyal friend, Kris gave the now 20-year-old the middle name Nicole.

‘I was pregnant with Kendall during the [OJ Simpson murder] trial. I actually wore the clothes to trial. That kind of gave me this crazy strength,’ says Kris.

> Kris Jenner gave birth to daughter Kendall in 1995


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‘One day I’ll hopefully be able to say to God: “Why did you take her so young?”

‘But [until then], it gives me great comfort to say my prayers and talk to her. I loved my friend really hard. And [her death] was a loss for so many.’