Kris Jenner Thinks Daughter Kylie Should Cover Up Her Bum

Kris Jenner has given her two cents on that Kylie Jenner shoot.

The 18-year-old cuts a very striking figure in the December/January issue of Interview magazine, donning a mix of saucy PVC and latex pieces.

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Kylie Jenner in her Interview shoot Kylie Jenner’s Interview shoot certainly got people talking


On the cover, she models alongside a male co-star in a metallic gold basque, which appears to have been made from liquid latex. Wowzers.

So did Kris feel a little bit uncomfortable about seeing her teen daughter getting so racy?! Well, not really.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians matriarch tells Sirius XM‘s Maria Menounos: ‘The pictures are insane. This is so Kylie, by the way. Steven Klein shot this, and he’s so iconic and amazing.

Kylie Jenner in her Interview shoot Kris Jenner has called these pictures ‘insane’


‘I love that my girls get to work with most fantastic photographers in the world, it’s such a great experience and it’s truly remarkable.’

However, there is ONE thing she would’ve changed about the shoot.

Kris, 60, continues: ‘I think she could have covered her bum a little bit more. But it’s just so cool, it’s almost like she’s doll-like.

Kylie Jenner in her Interview shoot Kylie Jenner wore a rather revealing pair of latex trousers


‘She’s wild. And this is how she expresses herself so I think it’s great. She is a very artistic girl, where she thinks outside the box and she really pushes the envelope and she’s very edgy.

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‘She’s always been like that and she doesn’t do it in a bad way or “I’m going to be the rebel.” That’s not really who she ever was. She dances to her own drummer, she definitely has her own style.’

Kardashian family Most of Kris Kardashian’s daughters have worked with famed photographers


Despite this ‘edgy’ streak, it seems as though Kylie is careful not to take things too far.

‘She does worry about influencing kids that are younger and not wanting to be a bad influence,’ says Kris.

‘The sexy photos are just Kylie saying: “Hey, this was really creative, and this was how I was feeling this day and isn’t it cool.” She comes at it from a really good place.’