So Kirsten Dunst Has NO Idea Who Saint West Is

It seems that Kirsten Dunst is one of the only people on planet Earth who manages to avoid knowing every single thing that happens to the Kardashians. (Seriously how has she managed to do that?) In fact, this lady is so out of the loop that she missed the birth of Saint West – you know, the baby that broke Twitter just over a week ago.

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When appearing on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the stunning actress took part in a game of Catchphrase with Will Smith and Tariq from The Roots. When Kirsten picked the words ‘Saint West’ to describe to her teamate, she said, “What is that?” Not even, “Who is that?” but “What is that?”

Kirsten Dunst had no idea who Saint West was. Kirsten Dunst had no idea who or what Saint West was.

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While team Jimmy and Kirsten easily manage to describe and guess “Can of whoop ass” and “Name dropper”, the actress looks absolutely flummoxed when she picks out the name of the most junior Kardashian and opts to pass.

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The hilarious moment happened while Kirsten was on the chat show shortly after receiving a Golden Globe nomination for her part in the hit TV show Fargo. So maybe we can presume that the actress has been a little too busy of late to keep up with all things Kardashian.

You can watch the funny moment where Kirsten totally (accidentally) disses Saint West below.