Why Kimberley Walsh Isn’t Happy With Cheryl’s Decision To Hide Her ‘Bump’

Kimberley Walsh is reportedly urging her BFF Cheryl to announce her 'pregnancy' for the sake of her fans...

Cheryl has done a pretty amazing job of keeping everyone guessing about her rumoured ‘pregnancy’ for months now.

She’s covered up her ‘bump’ in loose-fit dresses and strategically buttoned jumpsuits, and has managed to evade any questions about her and Liam Payne’s reported news very successfully.

But one person who is now urging the former Girls Aloud star to come clean is BFF Kimberley Walsh.

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Cheryl at her perfume launch last week…

According to new reports, the 34-year-old thinks Cheryl could be risking her fans’ loyalty by keeping them in the dark for so long.

‘Kimberley and Cheryl have been spending a lot of time together recently, and she hates seeing her pal under attack’, a source told Closer.

‘She’s worried Cheryl may face an angry reaction from fans who feel she’s keeping something from them’.


Cheryl went on an angry rant about comments about her appearance on The One Show…

Kimberley, who is pregnant herself, is allegedly worried that Cheryl is making life harder for herself by keeping her ‘baby’ secret.

‘She’s told Cheryl she’ll have an easier life if she just addresses the rumours herself, from the heart. But Cheryl doesn’t want to feel forced to do anything,’ the source added.

Cheryl’s recent appearance on BBC’s The One Show, where she was due to talk about her new role as the celebrity ambassador of Childline, was totally overshadowed by people speculating about whether or not she looked pregnant – something Kimberley has also noticed.

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cheryl kimberley walsh

Cheryl and Kimberley Walsh have remained close since Girls Aloud split back in 2013

‘She’s trying to raise awareness for a charity, but people can’t resist taking a pop at her’, the insider said.

‘She finds it unnecessary and hurtful, but says she’s been dealing with haters for years.’

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to see if Cheryl comes clean…