The One Question Everyone Had About CBB’s Kim Woodburn’s Dramatic Exit

After Kim Woodburn was removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house by security, we've got an update...

So it’s safe to say that Kim Woodburn is one of the most controversial stars of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, then.

Last night was potentially the most explosive episode yet as Kim found herself engaging in arguments with, well, pretty much every single housemate in there. In fact, things got pretty bad, pretty quickly.

The How Clean Is Your House star found herself being removed by security after taking nasty shots at her fellow housemates, particularly Nicola McLean, Jamie O’Hara and Bianca Gascgoine.

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kim woodburn

Kim was removed by security after getting into fierce rows with several housemates…

After Jamie branded the 74-year-old ‘nasty’ and ‘vile’, two security personnel were seen entering the house in an attempt to calm the situation.

Kim was then escorted up the stairs and out of a door, but was seen in the house once again the following day, leaving viewers asking: Where on earth did she go?

‘So where’s Kim gone then?’, one confused viewer tweeted.

celebrity big brother

Spencer was seen trying to calm the situation in the CBB house…

Well, a spokesperson for Celebrity Big Brother has told The Mirror: ‘We can confirm that Kim didn’t leave the house, she slept in the spare room.

A source then added that security only went in due to Kim ignoring Big Brother‘s warnings. ‘Security went into the house because Kim was repeatedly called to the snug by Big Brother and she didn’t listen. She doesn’t go’.

‘Nobody was worried about the argument turning physical.’

The source added: ‘It was just verbal. What happens tonight is pretty much what’s been happening all week. Kim is arguing with the other housemates all the time.’

After her stay in the spare room, which will be aired tonight, it’s being reported that she then returned to the main house as her fellow housemates competed in a shopping task together.

Blimey. We expect plenty more fireworks from this one…