Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl Ad Shows Her Funny Side

Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl advert for T-Mobile is simply genius.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s starlet proved that she’s a down to earth, and not afraid to poke fun at herself.

As if we needed another reason to love her.

Hitting out against any negativity surrounding her career, this social media mogul makes light of the fact that her 53-million-something fans go crazy over her every move – which she dutifully documents online.

Set out in the style of a charity plea, Kim announces that every month, your mobile provider will take back any unused data rather than rolling it over to the next month – which, of course, is what the new T-Mobile service will be providing.

We’ll bet Kim uses all of her mobile data.

Most importantly, this means that you could be missing out on vital Kim Kardashian selfies. All of those outfits, holidays, make-up looks. Lost. In the words of Kim-K, “Tragic.”

Kanye West’s wife has well and truly claimed the fashion world as her own, and we wouldn’t want to miss a single moment.

The advert takes you through a series of scenarios where the Kardashian would jump to her camera phone, including a fitting in a designer showroom, a glamorous mirror beauty selfie, and an ode to her latest snowboarding holiday, which was played out for the world on her Instagram feed.

It’s great to see a glimpse of this lady’s sense of humour.

She’s human after all. Who’d have thought it?

Written by Laura Jane Turner

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