Kim Kardashian’s Mum Explains North West Baby Name

New mum Kim Kardashian has been keeping schtum about officially announcing her baby girl’s name ever since giving birth to her and Kanye West‘s first child last week, but now momager Kris Jenner has finally piped up to confirm that yes, just as LOOK reported she is in fact called baby North West, and explains the reasons behind the couple’s, er, unusual choice…

Speaking on US chat show The View, Kris confirmed the rumours by saying, “I love the name North. I’m pro-North, absolutely. The way [Kim] explained it to me was that North means highest power, and she says that North is their highest point together. And I thought that was really sweet.”

TMZ similarly reported that the name North is supposed to represent the ‘pinnacle’ of Kim and Kanye’s relationship, and that the new parents have taken to calling her their ‘North Star’. Aw.

The confirmation of the little one’s name comes after the 32-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star laughed off suggestions that her baby would be called North on the Jay Leno show back in March, in what we can only assume was a sneaky effort to throw us all off the scent. “That is not one of the names on our list”, she said. “But that I do like Easton West. It kind of goes with North. I think that’s cute.”

A parody Twitter account has (obv) already been set up for Kimye’s new arrival – @Its_North_West – and has been spouting gems such as: “I’ve got 99 problems and my name is one” and “It’s gonna be really awkward when my daddy finds out that I’m a Taylor Swift fan”.


By Robyn Munson

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