Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name Finally Revealed!

Kim Kardashian has had us eagerly scanning Twitter for news of her newborn baby girl’s name, and now it’s been revealed that Kim and baby daddy Kanye West have chosen to name their daughter North. As in, baby North West, or Nori for short.

Kim gave birth to her daughter last weekend over in a private LA hospital, and has managed to keep her name totally schtum from the press for nearly a week – we gotta hand it to her, she totally had us on tenterhooks. Game well played.

We all assumed Kimye would opt for a name that began with ‘K’, following on from popular tradition in in the Kardashian clan, with other rumours speculating that the baby girl would be named Kaidence Donda, in memory of Kanye’s late mother.

Although the name ‘North West’ was hinted at by sources, most fans had dismissed it as a funny joke (we say funny, because let’s admit it, we all had a little laugh, right?).

We can only predict huge things for this little girl, with parents like Kim and Kanye, it’ll be hard to stay out of the limelight. Plus with a name like North West, you’re bound to attract tons of attention…

By Hannah Gale

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