How Kim Kardashian Got That Body

She’s done it again. Kim Kardashian has totally broken the internet with another nude selfie. The throwback snap, in which her modesty is covered by just two black bars, had everyone wanting to know – “HOW does she get that body?”

Of course, the man with the answer is Gunnar Peterson – the trainer who’s behind Kim’s figure, as well as her sisters Khloe and Kourtney’s and mum Kris’ (who he revealed loves to run on the treadmill while making multimillion dollar deals – which is something we would just love to see.)

We tracked down the tips he gives his super star clients…

> Gunnar Peterson: the man behind that body


Shoot For 100%

“You’ll end up at 80 – 85% and you’ll be great,” Gunnar says. “Shoot for 80-85% and you’ll end up at 65-70% and you’ll be disappointed.”

We’ll be thinking of Kim’s naked selfie next time we’re out for a run then…


Follow The Magic Meal Ratio

“Make breakfast bigger than lunch, and lunch bigger than dinner,” he recommends. So shun the teeny bowl of cereal and opt for a big brekkie, doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

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Ditch The Scales

“When I opened my gym I got rid of the scales! Stepping on a scale empowers an inanimate object, every time you get on it, you turn over the helm of your emotional well being to something that doesn’t care about you…” Gunnar says. “Want to know if you’ve gained or lost weight? Put on your favourite pair of jeans.”



Get Squatting

It’s no surprise that the man behind the world’s most famous bums loves the squat. “They’re a multicompound move that work the biggest muscle group of the body – the glutes,” he says. Other moves he loves for the bum? “Side lunges, plie jumps and stairs. Running up and down stairs is a great start.”

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Switch It Up

“I plan a new workout for my clients every single day… “ he says. “If you’re doing the same workout every day, your body will know what to expect and will do as little as it has to do to get through the workout.” That could mean doing something as simple as running up a hill when you normally run on flat ground, or trying a whole new fitness class.

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Put The Time In

“Kim works so incredibly hard,” Gunnar says of his most famous client. “She’s one of the hardest working people, inside and outside the gym. Just grind, grind, grind.” As for Khloe? “She comes in every day and starts her workout between 6am and 10am. * sets alarm clock for 6am reluctantly *

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Use Your Diary

No time for workouts? Gunnar says make time and put your workout in your diary. “Write it in PEN! Treat it like an appointment, a job interview or an airline flights – don’t be late and don’t miss it,” he insists.